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Mr.Kaverin Anatoly M.Research Fellow
Mr.Kadyrov Lenar S.Junior Research Fellow
Dr.Kazantsev Sergey Yu.Senior Research Fellow
Mr.Kalachev Yurii L.Research Fellow
Dr.Kalinushkin Victor P.Head of Laboratory
Ms.Kaminetskaja Irina V.Junior Research Fellow
Dr.Kamolova Tatiana I.Research Fellow
Dr.Kamynin Vladimir A.Research Fellow
Mr.Kapsulin Alexey V.Electrician
Mr.Kapustin Pavel I.Research Fellow
Mr.Karasev Mikhail S.Leading Engineer
Prof.Karasik Alexander Ya.Head of Laboratory
Dr.Karpov Vladimir B.Leading Research Fellow
Ms.Kartoshina Maria P.Assistant
Dr.Karfidov Dmitry M.Senior Research Fellow
Dr.Kasoev Sergey G.Senior Research Fellow
Mr.Kataev Sergey A.Leading Programmer
Mr.Kashin Vitaly V.Research Fellow
Dr.Kyrie Natalia P.Senior Research Fellow
Dr.Kiryanov Alexander V.Research Fellow
Mr.Kirianov Sergey VLeading Engineer
Ms.Kiryanova Natalia V.Deputy Head of Department
Dr.Kiselev Victor V.Senior Research Fellow
Ms.Kiseleva Albina M.Leading Economist
Dr.Kislov Victor I.Senior Research Fellow
Dr.Klimentov Sergey M.Senior Research Fellow
Mr.Klimov Anatolii A.Head of Engineering and Design Bureau
Mr.Klimov Andrei N.Research Fellow
Dr.Klinkov Vladimir K.Head of Laboratory
Dr.Klopotov Roman V.Junior Research Fellow
Ms.Knyazeva V. I.Vacuum Pump Operator
Prof.Kovrizhnykh Lev M.Head of Department
Mr.Kovjazin Dmitry D.Electrician
Mr.Kovjazin Sergey D.Metal Worker
Mr.Kozhevnikova Akexandra O.Accountant
Dr.Kozlov Dmitry N.Senior Research Fellow
Prof.Koldunov Modest F.Leading Research Fellow
Mr.Kolik Leonid V.Research Fellow
Prof.Komandin Gennady A.Leading Research Fellow
Mr.Komarov Gennady E.Senior Engineer
Ms.Komarova Tatiana S.Assistant
Mr.Komlenok Maxim S.Junior Research Fellow
Academician of the RASKonov Vitali I.Director of NSC, Head of Department
Mr.Konov Peter V.Head of Department
Dr.Kononenko Vitaly V.Research Fellow
Dr.Kononenko Taras V.Senior Research Fellow
Dr.Kononov Igor G.Senior Research Fellow
Dr.Kononov Mikhail A.Senior Research Fellow
Dr.Kononov Nikolai N.Senior Research Fellow
Ms.Konstantinova Anastasia V.Head of Department
Mr.Konyzhev Mikhael E.Research Fellow
Prof.Konyukhov Vadim K.Chief Research Fellow
Dr.Konjushkin Vasily A.Head of Laboratory
Mr.Koreev Alexander A.Head of Equipment Repairs Gpoup
Ms.Koreeva Natalia P.Chief of Office
Dr.Korensky Mikhail Yu.Director of PIC at GPI
Ms.Korneva Tatiana N.Accountant
Mr.Korovin Sergei B.Research Fellow
Ms.Korovkina Ekaterina A.Engineer
Prof.Kossyi Igor A.Head of Laboratory
Ms.Kostina Zoya A.Senior Computer Operator
Mr.Kostylev Vladimir P.Metal Worker
Postgraduate studentKostyuchenko Nadezhda V.Junior Research Fellow
Dr.Kochiev David G.Deputy Director for Science
Dr.Kochurikhin Vladimir V.Head of Laboratory
Dr.Kravtsov Konstantin S.Research Fellow
Dr.Kravtsov Sergey B.Senior Research Fellow
Dr.Kravchenko Yaroslav V.Research Fellow
Mr.Krasnov Petr M.Leading Engineer
Dr.Krasovskii Vitaly I.Senior Research Fellow
Prof.Krasyuk Igor K.Head of Department
Ms.Krindach Natalia I.Engineer
Mr.Krugkov Alexey V.Repair Man
Dr.Krutyansky Leonid M.Leading Research Fellow
Ms.Kruchaeva Svetlana V.Accountant
Ms.Krylova Ludmila A.Leading Engineer
Dr.Kryshtob Vitaly I.Senior Research Fellow
Dr.Ksenevitch Tatiana I.Senior Research Fellow
Dr.Kubrakov Nikolai F.Senior Research Fellow
Mr.Kuznetsov Alexander B.Research Fellow
Dr.Kuznetsov Gennady N.Head of Laboratory
Prof.Kuznetsov Evgeni D.Senior Research Fellow
Dr.Kouznetzov Sergei V.Senior Research Fellow
Prof.Kuzkin Venedikt M.Leading Research Fellow, Scientific Secretary of Д 002.063.01 Scientific Counsil
Dr.Kuzmenko Artem M.Senior Research Fellow
Ms.Kuzmenko Elena A.Research Fellow
Mr.Kuzmin Vladimir V.Research Fellow
Prof.Kuzmin Gennadii P.Head of Laboratory
Ms.Kuzmina Lyudmila V.Assistant
Mr.Kulatov Erkin T.Head of Laboratory
Dr.Kulebyakin Alexey V.Research Fellow
Ms.Kulechenkova Tatiana P.Junior Research Fellow
Ms.Kulik Nadezhda A.Head of Department
Mr.Kurenkova Elena V.Senior Technician Researcher
Dr.Kurmasheva Daria M.Research Fellow
Mr.Kutakov Sergei I.Research Fellow
Dr.Kutovoy Sergey A.Senior Research Fellow
Mr.Khavaev Valery B.Deputy Director for General Matter of GPI
Mr.Khartchev Nikolai K.Research Fellow
Postgraduate studentKharchevsky Anton A.Junior Research Fellow
Dr.Khvalkovsky Aleksey K.Senior Research Fellow
Mr.Khlystunov Petr D.Leading Engineer
Ms.Khnykova Galina K.Head of Planning Department
Dr.Kholnov Yuri V.Senior Research Fellow
Postgraduate studentKhoroshilov Artem L.Junior Research Fellow
Ms.Khokhlova Alla N.Research Fellow