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Ms.Lantsova Ekaterina V.Senior Inspector
Dr.Larionov Yurii V.Senior Research Fellow
Ms.Larionova Natalia F.Research Fellow
Dr.Lebedev Sergei P.Leading Research Fellow
Dr.Lebedeva Tatiana P.Senior Research Fellow
Ms.Levina Galina P.Research Fellow
Dr.Lednev Vasily N.Senior Research Fellow
Ms.Ledneva Tatiana V.Leading Engineer
Dr.Letunov Alexander A.Senior Research Fellow
Prof.Ligachev Alexander E.Leading Research Fellow
Dr.Linkov Kirill G.Senior Research Fellow
Mr.Lis Denis A.Research Fellow
Postgraduate studentLobanova Inna I.Junior Research Fellow
Dr.Lobachev Vladimir A.Senior Research Fellow
Dr.Lobeyev Alexander V.Senior Research Fellow
Mr.Logvinenko Vladimir P.Research Fellow
Prof.Loza Oleg T.Leading Research Fellow
Ms.Lozovaja Olga V.Leading Engineer
Mr.Lozovoy Valery I.Deputy Head of Department
Mr.Lomanov Vladimir G.Leading Engineer
Ms.Lomova Svetlana V.Engineer
Prof.Lomonova Elena E.Head of Laboratory
Dr.Lomonosov Alexey M.Senior Research Fellow
Prof.Loschenov Victor B.Head of Laboratory
Mr.Loschenov Maxim V.Research Fellow
Prof.Lubashevsky Igor A.Leading Research Fellow
Mr.Lukanin Vladimir I.Research Fellow
Ms.Lukina Natalia A.Research Fellow
Dr.Luk'yanchikov Gennady S.Research Fellow
Dr.Lunkov Andrey A.Head of Laboratory, Scientific Secretary of Department
Dr.Luchnikov Alexander V.Senior Research Fellow, local network system administrator
Mr.Luchnikov Evgeny A. 
Dr.Lykov Pavel A.Senior Research Fellow
Dr.Lyndin Nikolai M.Senior Research Fellow
Mr.Ljubarsky Vladimir I.Carpenter
Ms.Ljadnova Anna G.Leading Engineer
Dr.Lyamshev Mikhail L.Deputy Director for International Links of GPI
Prof.Lyakhov Gennady A. 
Ms.Lyashedko Nailja G.Accountant