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    GPI Staff

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Dr.Magunov Alexander I.Senior Researcher
Dr.Mazo Dmitry M.Senior Researcher
Prof.Maiorov Sergey A.Leading Researcher
Mr.Makalkin Dmitry I.Leading Engineer
Dr.Makarenko Galina F.Senior Researcher
Dr.Makarov Alexander A.Researcher
Dr.Makarov Vjatcheslav P.Leading Researcher, Scientific Secretary of Д 002.063.02 Scientific Counsil
Dr.Makov Yury N.Senior Researcher
Ms.Maximkina Olga G.Head of Library
Ms.Maksimova Tatiana D.Assistant Manager
Ms.Makushina Valentina A.Head of Laboratory
Mr.Malakhov Dmitry V.Researcher
Mr.Malkin Georgy V.Engineer
Mr.Maltsev Dmitry N.Deputy Chief Engineer for Electricity
Mr.Mamaev Alexander V.Leading Engineer
Mr.Mamaev Andrew N.Head of Department
Ms.Mandryko Alla N.Leading Librarian
Mr.Markov Vladimir S.Researcher
Ms.Markova Ekaterina L.Deputy Head of Department
Prof.Marchenko Valery M.Leading Researcher
Dr.Maslov Vladislav A.Head of Division
Dr.Maslyanitsyn Igor A.Researcher
Mr.Mashkovsky Dmitry A.Researcher
Ms.Mayakova Maria N.Researcher
Dr.Meerovich Gennady A.Senior Researcher
Ms.Meleshko Nuria M.Leading Economist
Dr.Melkumyan Bagrat V.Senior Researcher
Ms.Merkulova Elena V.Leading Economist
Ms.Merkulova Nadezhda P.Leading Translator
Ms.Merkushkina Natalia A.Head of Labor Protection and Safety Department
Dr.Meshcheriakov Alexei I.Head of Laboratory
Dr.Mikaeljan Mikhael A.Senior Researcher
Prof.Milanich Alexander I.Leading Researcher
Ms.Milevskaya Margarita A.Head of Worshop
Ms.Milovidova Irina A.Leading Engineer
Prof.Minaev Igor M.Leading Researcher
Dr.Mineev Alexander P.Deputy Director for Science
Ms.Mineeva Marina A.Engineer
Dr.Misakyan Mamikon A.Senior Researcher
Prof.Mikhailov Victor A.Head of Laboratory
Dr.Mikhailov Sergey G.Head of Laboratory
Prof.Mikhailova Galina N.Leading Researcher
Dr.Mikhailova Yuluya M.Researcher
Prof.Mikhalevich Vladislav G.Deputy Director for Science
Mr.Mikhnyuk Alexander N.Researcher
Mr.Mishinev Alexander D.Leading Engineer
Ms.Moiseeva Elena A.Optician
Ms.Moiseeva Ljudmila V.Researcher
Mr.Mokshin Nikolai I.Deputy Head of Worshop
Ms.Molodtsova Valentina A.Leading Engineer-Programmer
Ms.Molostvova Raisa I.Senior Technician Researcher
Prof.Monastyrski Mikhael A.Head of Laboratory
Dr.Morozova Elena A.Scientific Secretary of Department, Senior Researcher
Ms.Morozova Elena Ed.Senior Engineer
Ms.Morozova Olga D.Leading Engineer
Mr.Mosin Victor V.Technician
Dr.Muljarov Egor A.Senior Researcher
Ms.Muravleva Elena A.Dispatcher
Dr.Mukhin Alexander A.Senior Researcher
Prof.Mkheidze Guram P.Leading Researcher
Ms.Myzina Valentina A.Researcher

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