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Dr.Nagovitsin Ilya A.Senior Research Fellow
Prof.Nadezhdinskii Alexander I.Head of Department
Ms.Nazarenko Tatiana V.Chief Accountant of WRC
Mr.Nakladov Andrei N.Junior Research Fellow
Mr.Nemscveridze Shamil' M.Deputy Director at General Matter of PIC
Ms.Nenasheva Ludmila V.Leading Engineer
Mr.Nefedov Sergei M.Senior Research Fellow
Mr.Nekhoroshikh Anastasia V.Leading Technologist
Dr.Nikitin Alexander P.Head of Laboratory
Dr.Nikitin Petr I.Head of Laboratory
Ms.Nikitina Irina L.Leading Engineer
Dr.Nikiforov Sergey M.Senior Research Fellow
Dr.Nikolaev Dmitri A.Senior Research Fellow
Dr.Nikolaeva Goulnara Yu.Senior Research Fellow
Ms.Nikolaeva Oksana V.Head of Accounting Department
Mr.Nikolaichik Andrey V.Deputy Head of Department
Prof.Novikov Yurii A.Chief Research Fellow
Mr.Nozdrin Vadim S.Research Fellow
Dr.Nunuparov Martyn S.Head of Laboratory