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Dr.Pavlova Tatiana V.Research Fellow
Ms.Pal'chikova Ol'ga A.Leading Lawer
Dr.Panov Alexander A.Senior Research Fellow
Mr.Panov Vitaly A.Research Fellow
Mr.Papashvili Alexander G.Research Fellow
Ms.Pakhomova Elena V.Leading Engineer
Mr.Pashinin Anatolii D.Leading Engineer
Mr.Pashinin Vladimir P.Junior Research Fellow
Corresponding Member of the RASPashinin Pavel P.Chief Research Fellow
Dr.Pelipenko Vladimir I.Senior Research Fellow
Dr.Pento Andrey V.Research Fellow
Ms.Pervozvanskaja Larisa V.Engineer
Dr., Ass.Prof.Pereverzev Valentin G.Deputy Director for Science of NSC
Prof.Pershin Sergei M.Chief Research Fellow
Prof.Petnikov Valery G.Chief Research Fellow
Dr.Petrov Alexander E.Research Fellow
Mr.Pivovarov Pavel A.Research Fellow
Dr.Pimenov Sergey M.Head of Laboratory
Dr.Pishchal'nikov Roman Yu.Senior Research Fellow
Mr.Pletnev Nikolai V.Research Fellow
Dr.Plokhov Dmitry I.Research Fellow
Dr.Podviaznikov Vitali A.Senior Research Fellow
Mr.Podlesnykh Sergey V.Research Fellow
Mr.Podreshetnikov Vladimir V.Leading Technologist
Mr.Pozharov Anatoly S.Research Fellow
Prof.Polivanov Yurii N.Leading Research Fellow
Mr.Polikarkina Nadezhda D.Research Fellow
Dr.Poluektov Nikolai P.Research Fellow
Mr.Polskiy Alexey V.Leading Engineer
Mr.Ponurovsky Jakov Ja.Head of Laboratory
Dr.Popov Alexander V.Senior Research Fellow
Mr.Popov Igor P.Research Fellow
Mr.Popovich Alexey F.Engineer
Dr.Porodinkov Oleg E.Senior Research Fellow
Ms.Porunova Olga V.Leading Technologist
Mr.Potapov Ivan G.Equipment Rigger
Prof.Preobrazhensky Vladimir L.Chief Research Fellow
Dr.Pronin Alexei A.Research Fellow
Dr.Pronin Artem V.Senior Research Fellow
Prof.Prokhorov Anatoly S.Chief Research Fellow
Dr.Prokhorov Kirill A.Head of Laboratory
Dr.Pudovkin Alexey A.Senior Research Fellow
Mr.Pupyrev Pavel D.Junior Research Fellow
Dr.Pustovoy Vladimir I.Head of Department
Prof.Pukhov Konstantin K.Leading Research Fellow
Dr., Ass.Prof.Pyrkov Yurii N.Senior Research Fellow
Ms.Philippova Ol'ga A.Worker at Personnel Department