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Mr.Rakov Ignat I.Junior Research Fellow
Dr.Ralchenko Victor G.Head of Laboratory
Dr.Rasmagin Sergey I.Junior Research Fellow
Dr.Rastopov Stanislav F.Senior Research Fellow
Dr.Ritus Alexander I.Senior Research Fellow
Ms.Rodionova Galina I.Deputy Head of Accounting Department
Ms.Rozanova Anna A.Worker at Personnel Department
Prof.Romanovsky Michael Yu.Chief Research Fellow
Ms.Romasjukova Ljudmila N.Rigger of Vacuum Equipment
Ms.Rosljakova Maria V.Economist
Mr.Rudak Pavel S.Gas Welder
Full Member of the RASRudenko Oleg V.Chief Research Fellow
Dr.Rusanov Sergey Ya.Head of Division
Mr.Ryzhkov Stanislav G.Engineer
Postgraduate studentRyabikina Irina G.Junior Research Fellow
Dr.Ryabova Anastasia V.Research Fellow