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    GPI Staff

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Ms.Savelieva Tatiana A.Junior Researcher
Mr.Savenko Alexander A.Deputy Chief Engineer
Ms.Savilova Medeja A.Assistant Manager
Dr.Savransky Valery V.Leading Researcher
Ms.Savushkina Svetlana M.Senior Accountant
Ms.Saguitova Elena A.Researcher
Mr.Saltykov Peter A.Researcher
Dr.Samarin Nikolay A.Senior Researcher
Prof.Samokhin Alexander A.Chief Researcher
Dr.Sarimov Ruslan M.Scientific Secretary of Department, Senior Researcher
Dr.Sarksian Karen A.Leading Researcher
Dr.Sartakov Boris G.Senior Researcher
Mr.Satunin Sergei N.Researcher
Dr.Sakharov Alexander S.Senior Researcher
Dr.Sakharova Tatyana V.Researcher
Prof.Sverchkov Sergei E.Leading Researcher
Mr.Svetikov Vladimir V.Researcher
Ms.Sviridova Anna V.Deputy Director of WRC
Dr.Sedov Vadim S.Researcher
Ms.Selina Galina A.Senior Technician Researcher
Dr.Semeno Alexey V.Senior Researcher
Mr.Semenov Alexey V.Engineer
Dr.Semenov Andrew Yu.Senior Researcher
Prof.Semenov Sergey L.Director of FORC RAS
Dr.Semenova Ludmila E.Senior Researcher
Mr.Senkov Vjacheslav M.Senior Researcher
Dr.Sergeichev Konstantin F.Senior Researcher
Dr.Serdyuchenko Yury N.Head of Laboratory
Dr.Seregin Vladimir F.Senior Researcher
Dr.Serkov Anton A.Junior Researcher
Dr.Serov Rene V.Head of Laboratory
Dr.Sidorov Alexey R.Senior Researcher
Dr.Simakin Alexander V.Leading Researcher
Dr.Simanovskii Yaroslav O.Senior Researcher
Ms.Sinyugina Ljudmila A.Deputy Head of Accounting Department
Prof.Sirotkin Anatolii A.Leading Researcher
Ms.Skaballanovich Tatiana A.Researcher
Prof.Skvortsova Nina N.Leading Researcher
Ms.Sladkova Elena S.Engineer
Dr.Sluchanko Nickolai E.Head of Laboratory
Dr.Smagin Nikolay V.Senior Researcher
Dr.Smetanin Sergey N.Senior Researcher
Dr.Smirnov Alexander V.Senior Researcher
Prof.Smirnov Valery A.Head of Laboratory
Prof.Smirnov Valery V.Head of Department
Ms.Smirnova Valentina I.Vacuum Pump Operator
Mr.Sovyk Dmitry N.Researcher
Ms.Sokova Irina A.Dispatcher
Mr.Sokolov Vjacheslav E.Researcher
Ms.Sokolova Elena I.Senior Technician Researcher
Ms.Sokolova Tatiana N.Leading Engineer
Ms.Sokolova Tatiana M.Head of Personnel Department
Ms.Sorokina Natalia V.Senior Bibliographer
Dr.Sorokovikov Valery N.Senior Researcher
Dr.Sorochenko Vladimir R.Scientific Secretary of Department, Senior Researcher
Mr.Sotskov Valery AResearcher
Dr.Spektor Igor E.Head of Laboratory
Dr.Spiridonov Maxim V.Head of Laboratory
Dr.Stavrovsky Dmitry B.Head of Laboratory, Scientific Secretary of Department
Ms.Stal'nova Svetlana A.Leading Engineer
Dr.Stelmakh Oleg M.Leading Researcher
Prof.Stepanov Eugene V.Head of Department
Mr.Stepanov Yuriy N.Cosmonaut Reseacher
Ms.Stefanskaya Taisiya P.Engineer
Mr.Strakhov Sergey M.Leading Engineer
Dr.Strelkov Vasiliy V.Leading Researcher
Prof.Strelkov Pavel S.Head of Laboratory
Prof.Streltsov Vladimir N.Leading Researcher
Dr.Studenikin Michael I.Senior Researcher
Ms.Studenikina Natalia V.Leading Engineer
Mr.Stuchebrukhov Igor A.Head of Laboratory
Dr.Soubbotin Kirill A.Scientific Secretary of Departmeht, Researcher
Mr.Subbotkin Anton O.Junior Researcher
Mr.Suchkov Yurii A.Researcher
Dr.Suyazov Nikolai V.Head of Laboratory
Dr.Shakir Yurij A.Senior Researcher
Mr.Shapovalov Yuriy P.Researcher
Ms.Sharonova Larisa A.Leading Accountant
Prof.Shafeev George A.Director of WRC at GPI
Dr.Shashkov Eugene V.Senior Researcher
Mr.Shevkunov Gennadii A.Leading Engineer
Mr.Shevlyuga Vladimir M.Researcher
Mr.Sheinov Ilya B.Metal Worker
Ms.Sheraburov Oleg A.Leading Engineer
Dr.Shermeneva Maria A.Researcher
Mr.Sherstnev Boris A.Leading Engineer
Dr.Shigorin Vladimir D.Leading Researcher
Mr.Shilin Leonid G.Researcher
Prof.Shipilov Konstantin F.Leading Researcher
Prof.Shiryaev Oleg B.Senior Researcher
Dr.Shkirin Alexey V.Senior Researcher
Dr.Shmaonov Tigran A.Scientific Secretary of Department, Senior Researcher
Dr.Shtanchaev Magomet I.Senior Researcher
Dr.Shukshin Vladislav E.Head of Laboratory
Mr.Shulman Ilia L.Researcher
Ms.Shchemeleva Elena A.Leading Technologist
Prof.Shchepetov Sergei V.Leading Researcher
Dr.Shcherbakov Vyacheslav V.Senior Researcher
Full Member of the RASShcherbakov Ivan A.Scientific Director of GPI RAS
Ms.Shcherbakova Sania A.Senior Technician Researcher
Mr.Shcherbinin Vladimir A.Leading Engineer

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