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Ms.Babkova Natalia I.Leading Economist
Mr.Baburin Nikolai V.Leading Engineer
Mr.Bagdasarov Vladimir H.Research Fellow
Mr.Baimler Iliya V.Senior Technician
Mr.Balabanov Vjacheslav D.Metal Worker
Ms.Balabanova Irina I.Subsidiary Worker
Ms.Baranets Svetlana M.Assistant
Mr.Baranov Dmitry V.Research Fellow
Prof.Barengolts Sergey A.Head of Laboratory
Ms.Barengolts Yulia A.Leading Engineer
Mr.Barmin Vladimir P.Designer
Dr.Barmina Ekaterina V.Head of Laboratory
Ms.Barsukova Natalia D.Senior Technician Researcher
Mr.Barhatov Alexander N.Deputy Head of Department
Prof.Barkhudarov Eduard M.Leading Research Fellow
Dr.Basieva Irina T.Senior Research Fellow
Ms.Basieva Marina N.Leading Technologist
Prof.Batanov German M.Head of Laboratory
Dr.Batygov Sergei Kh.Leading Research Fellow
Ms.Bezrukova Yuliya S.Senior Engineer
Mr.Belov Alexander I.Research Fellow
Prof.Belov Sergey V.Senior Research Fellow
Dr.Belovolova Liuodmila V.Senior Research Fellow
Mr.Beljaev Evgeny N.Head of Optical-Mechanical Workshop
Prof.Belyaev Igor Ya.Leading Research Fellow
Mr.Bervinov Nikolai P.Electrician
Dr.Berezhetskaja Natalia K.Senior Research Fellow
Mr.Berezhetsky Mikhael S.Research Fellow
Prof.Binhi Vladimir N.Head of Laboratory
Mr.Bogach Alexey V.Research Fellow
Dr.Bogdankevich Irina L.Senior Research Fellow
Ms.Bogdanova Marina N.Leading Engineer, GPI network system administrator
Mr.Bogodaev Nikolai V.Leading Technologist
Dr.Bozhko Alexey D.Senior Research Fellow
Prof.Boichenko Alexander M.Chief Research Fellow
Dr.Bokova Sofia N. 
Mr.Boldin Alexander M.Service Engineer
Ms.Boldyreva Marina V.Senior Technician Researcher
Dr.Bolshakov Andrey P.Senior Research Fellow
Mr.Bondarenko Vladimir F.Equipment Rigger
Prof.Bordo Vladimir G.Leading Research Fellow
Mr.Borzov Alexei A.Milling-Machine Operator
Dr.Borik Michael A.Senior Research Fellow
Mr.Borisov Sergey K.Leading Engineer
Ms.Borisova Olga V.Assistant, Leading Engineer
Prof.Brysev Andew P.Head of Laboratory
Dr.Brysin Nikolay N.Senior Research Fellow
Prof.Buzynin Alexander N.Leading Research Fellow
Mr.Bukin Vladimir V.Junior Research Fellow
Prof.Bulanov Sergey V.Chief Research Fellow
Dr.Bulgakova Natalia N.Head of Science and Education Center
Prof.Bunkin Alexey F.Head of Laboratory
Prof.Bunkin Nikolay F.Leading Research Fellow
Dr.Bufetova Galina A.Senior Research Fellow
Ms.Bukharova Galina L.Deputy Head of Accounting Department
Prof.Bykov Vladimir P.Chief Research Fellow
Dr.Bystrov Vladislav P.Head of Laboratory, local network system administrator
Dr.Bychkov Victor B.Senior Research Fellow