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Dr.Valyansky Sergey I.Senior Research Fellow
Postgraduate studentVasiliev Dmitry A.Junior Research Fellow
Dr.Vasiliev Sergey V.Senior Research Fellow
Dr.Vasilieva Natalia V.Head of Department
Mr.Vasilkov Dmitry V.Research Fellow
Mr.Vasilchenko Sergey Yu.Engineer
Mr.Vafin Ildar Yu.Junior Research Fellow
Dr.Vedeneev Alexander A.Research Fellow
Dr.Vereschagin Konstantin A.Scientific Secretary of Department, Senior Research Fellow
Prof.Veselago Victor G.Head of Laboratory
Prof.Veselovsky Igor A.Deputy Director of PIC at GPI
Mr.Vinogradov Alexander L.Deputy Head of Department
Mr.Vinogradov Sergey V.Research Fellow
Dr.Vinogradova Galina I.Scientific Secretary of Department, Senior Research Fellow
Ms.Vishniakova Maria A.Research Fellow
Mr.Vlasov Victor I.Research Fellow
Prof.Vlasov Dmitry V.Head of Department
Dr.Vlasov Igor I.Senior Research Fellow
Ms.Vlasova Larisa N.Leading Engineer
Dr.Vlasova Tatiana V.Junior Research Fellow
Mr.Voitsitsky Vladimir P.Leading Technologist
Prof.Volegov Alexander I.Leading Research Fellow
Prof.Volkov Alexander A.Head of Department
Dr.Volkov Vladimir V.Senior Research Fellow
Mr.Volkov Ivan M.Glass-blower
Mr.Volkov Mikhael V.Senior Technician
Mr.Volkov Petr A.Junior Research Fellow
Dr.Volkov Sergey Yu.Senior Research Fellow
Ms.Volkova Anna I.Leading Engineer
Mr.Volodin Victor V.Leading Engineer
Ms.Vol'nova Irina A.Engineer
Dr.Volyak Tatiana B.Head of Laboratory, Scientific Secretary of Dissertation Council D002.063.03, Deputy Editor of GPI Proceedings
Dr.Vorobiev Nikolai S.Acting Head of Department
Dr.Voronina Irina S.Senior Research Fellow
Mr.Voronkov Igor A.Leading Engineer
Dr.Voronov Valeriy V.Scientific Secretary of LMTC, Scientific Secretary of LT Department
Dr.Voronov Gennady S.Leading Research Fellow
Ms.Voronova Elena V. 
Mr.Vjazov Ilya E.Junior Research Fellow