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    GPI Staff

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Dr.Chapnin Valery A.Leading Researcher
Prof.Chevokin Victor K.Head of Laboratory
Mr.Cherevka Vladimir P.Head of Department
Mr.Cherkashin Pavel A.Electrician
Mr.Chernov Nikolay M.Accountant
Ms.Chernova Victoria V.Leading Economist
Ms.Chernova Elena V.Programmer
Mr.Chernomirdin Vasili I.Leading Constructor
Mr.Chernousov Andrey D.Junior Researcher
Mr.Chernousov Vasily V.Leading Programmer
Ms.Chernousova Zoja T.Picker
Mr.Chetverikov Vadim M.Leading Engineer
Mr.Cheshkov Dmitry A. 
Mr.Chizh Kirill V.Junior Researcher
Mr.Chikov Victor A.Leading Technologist
Mr.Chinaev Sergey B.Engineer
Ms.Chubarova Natalia D.Electrician
Mr.Chubrikov Boris A.Leading Engineer
Ms.Chuvazheva Elena I.Deputy Head of Department
Prof.Chudinova Galina K.Senior Researcher
Mr.Chuzavkov Yury L.Leading Engineer
Mr.Chunaev Dmitry S.Researcher
Mr.Chuchupal Sergey V.Junior Researcher

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