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Dr.Galagan Boris I.Senior Research Fellow
Prof.Galkin Andrew L.Leading Research Fellow
Dr.Galstian Alexander M.Deputy Head of Departmen, Senior Research Fellow
Corresponding Member of the RASGarnov Sergei V.Director of GPI RAS
Mr.Gerasimov Oleg M.Milling-Machine Operator
Prof.Gippius Nikolai A.Leading Research Fellow
Ms.Glavnova Galina N.Leading Engineer
Ms.Gladkikh Ekaterina B.Accountant
Dr.Gluh Nikolai M.Deputy Director for Science of NSC
Ass.Prof.Glushkov Vladimir V.Deputy Director for Science of GPI
Mr.Glushkov Mikhael V.Research Fellow
Mr.Glushkov Nikolai A.Junior Research Fellow
Mr.Gnippa Yuri P.Deputy Director for Civil Safety, Head of Labor Protection and Safety Department of GPI
Dr.Golovanov Vladimir I.Research Fellow
Ms.Golubkova Olga V.Leading Engineer
Ms.Goliatina Rusudan I.Research Fellow
Dr.Goncharov Yurii G.Senior Research Fellow
Mr.Gorbunov Pavel V.Research Fellow
Mr.Gornostaev Petr B.Junior Research Fellow
Mr.Gorodnichev Eugeni B.Leading Constructor
Prof.Gorshunov Boris P.Head of Laboratory
Ms.Gorshunova Marina V.Leading Engineer
Ms.Goryushina Vera V.Senior Engineer
Dr.Gochelashvily Konstantin S.Senior Research Fellow
Dr.Grebenshchikov Stanislav E.Head of Laboratory
Mr.Gren Peter V.Deputy Chief Engineer at Fair Safety and Guarding
Dr.Grinfeld Dmitry E.Senior Research Fellow
Dr.Gritsinin Sergei I.Senior Research Fellow
Stud.Grishin Mikhael Ya.Engineer
Mr.Grishin Michael Ya.Junior Research Fellow
Dr.Grishina Irina A.Senior Research Fellow
Prof.Gudkov Sergey V.Leading Research Fellow
Ms.Gukova Marija I.Lift Operator
Dr.Gulyamova Elmira S.Senior Research Fellow
Prof.Gusein-zade Namik GHead of Department
Ms.Gushchina Ljudmila B.Leading Engineer