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    The GPI and Research Centers structure

Prokhorov General Physics Institute of RAS
    Photoelectronics Department

Head: Dr. Nikolai S. Vorobiev
Deputy Head: Mr. Valery I. Lozovoy

See also homepage of Photoelectronics Department

R&D Chain for Design and Fabrication of Femtosecond Photoelectron Devices
Laboratory of Catodluminescent Screens
Mr. Svetlana R. Ivanova
Laboratory of Classical and Nanostructured Photocathodes
Ms. Valentina A. Makushina
Pico-Femtoseconds Laser Laboratory
Dr. Nikolai S. Vorobiev
Laboratory of Pico-Femtosecond Image-Converter Tubes
Laboratory of Theoretical and Computational Electron Optics
Prof. Mikhael A. Monastyrski
Laboratory of Streak Cameras
Dr. Yury N. Serdyuchenko
Division of Electron-Optical Information Systems
Mr. Valery I. Lozovoy
Department Scientific Council
Dr. Nikolai S. Vorobiev

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