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    The GPI and Research Centers structure

Prokhorov General Physics Institute of RAS
    Laser Materials and Technology Research Center at GPI
          Department of Laser Crystals and Solid-State Lasers

Head: Academician of the RAS Shcherbakov Ivan A.
Deputy Head: Mr. Barhatov Alexander N.

Laboratory of Active Media for Solid-State Lasers
Prof. Tsvetkov Vladimir B.
Laser Crystal Growth Laboratory
Prof. Zharikov Evgenii V.
Laser Crystal Spectroscopy Laboratory
Prof. Smirnov Valery A.
Crystal Growth Physics Laboratory
Dr. Zagumennyi Alexandr I.
Laboratory of Physical and Applied Problems of Solid-State Lasers
Prof. Mikhailov Victor A.
Monocrystalline Fibre Division
Dr. Rusanov Sergey Ya.
Theory Division
Department Scentific Council
Academician of the RAS Shcherbakov Ivan A.