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    The GPI and Research Centers structure

Prokhorov General Physics Institute of RAS
    GPI Scientific Council

Chairman: Academician of the RAS Shcherbakov Ivan A.
Academic secretary: Prof. Andreev Stepan N.

Prof.Batanov German M.Head of Laboratory
Prof.Boichenko Alexander M.Chief Research Fellow
Prof.Bunkin Alexey F.Head of Laboratory
Prof.Volkov Alexander A.Head of Department
Corresponding Member of the RASGarnov Sergei V.Deputy Director for Science of GPI, Head of Department
Prof.Demishev Sergey V.Head of Department
Prof.Denker Boris I.Head of Laboratory
Prof.Eltsov Konstantin N.Head of Department
Prof.Ignatov Alexander M.Chief Research Fellow
Prof.Kovrizhnykh Lev M.Head of Department
Academician of the RASKonov Vitali I.Director of NSC, Head of Department
Dr.Korensky Mikhail Yu.Director of PIC at GPI
Prof.Krasyuk Igor K.Head of Department
Prof.Lyakhov Gennady A.
Prof.Mikhalevich Vladislav G.Deputy Director for Science
Academician of the RASOsiko Vjatcheslav V.Head of LMTC at GPI
Corresponding Member of the RASPashinin Pavel P.Chief Research Fellow
Prof.Samokhin Alexander A.Chief Research Fellow
Prof.Smirnov Valery V.Head of Department
Prof.Fedorov Mikhil V.Head of Division
Prof.Tsvetkov Vladimir B.Head of Laboratory