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    The GPI and Research Centers structure

Prokhorov General Physics Institute of RAS
    Wave Research Center at GPI

Head: Prof. Shafeev George A.
Deputy Head: Ms. Sviridova Anna V.
Deputy Head: Prof. Lyakhov Gennady A.

See also homepage of Wave Research Center at GPI

WRC Management Department
Prof. Shafeev George A.
WRC Accounting Department
Ms. Nazarenko Tatiana V.
Acoustics and Physics-of-Liquid Laboratory
Dr. Suyazov Nikolai V.
Laboratory of Hydrophysics
Dr. Lunkov Andrey A.
Laboratory of Laser Spectroscopy
Prof. Bunkin Alexey F.
Laboratory of Nonequilibrium Process Macrokinetics
Dr. Barmina Ekaterina V.
Applied Fiber Optics Laboratory
Dr. Drachenko Vladimir N.
Laboratory of Femtosecond Difractometers
Prof. Brysev Andew P.
Department of Marine Technologies
Dr. Kuznetsov Gennady N.
WRC Scentific Council
Prof. Shafeev George A.