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    The GPI and Research Centers structure

Prokhorov General Physics Institute of RAS
    GPI Scientific Council

Chairman: Corresponding Member of the RAS Sergei V. Garnov
Academic secretary: Prof. Stepan N. Andreev

Corresponding Member of the RASSergei V. GarnovDirector of GPI RAS
Full Member of the RASIvan A. ShcherbakovScientific Director of GPI RAS
Full Member of the RASVjatcheslav V. Osiko
Full Member of the RASEugeniy M. DianovScientific Director of FORC
Corresponding Member of the RASPavel P. PashininChief Researcher
Dr.David G. KochievDeputy Director for Science of GPI
Ass.Prof.Vladimir V. GlushkovDeputy Director for Science of GPI, Acting Scientific Secretary of GPI
Prof.Sergey V. DemishevDeputy Director for Science of GPI
Prof.Stepan N. AndreevActing Scientific Secretary of GPI
Dr.Natalia V. VasilievaHead of Department
Prof.Alexander A. VolkovHead of Department
Dr.Tatiana B. VolyakHead of Laboratory, Scientific Secretary of Dissertation Council D002.063.03, Deputy Editor of GPI Proceedings
Dr.Nikolai S. VorobievHead of Department
Prof.Namik G Gusein-zadeHead of Department
Prof.Boris I. DenkerChief Researcher
Prof.Konstantin N. EltsovHead of Department
Dr.Vjacheslav A. IvanovHead of Department
Prof.Nikolay N. IlichevHead of Laboratory
Dr.Victor P. KalinushkinHead of Laboratory
Full Member of the RASVitali I. KonovDirector of NSC, Head of Department
Prof.Victor B. LoschenovHead of Laboratory
Prof.Alexander A. SamokhinChief Researcher
Prof.Sergey L. SemenovDirector of FORC RAS
Prof.Valery V. SmirnovHead of Department
Prof.Eugene V. StepanovHead of Department
Prof.MikhÁil V. FedorovHead of Division
Prof.Pavel P. FedorovHead of Laboratory
Prof.Vladimir B. TsvetkovHead of LMTC at GPI
Prof.George A. ShafeevDirector of WRC at GPI

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