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    The GPI and Research Centers structure

Prokhorov General Physics Institute of RAS
    Science and Education Center

Postgraduate studentAmasev Dmitry V.Junior Research Fellow
Dr.Artemova Diana G.Senior Research Fellow
Mr.Borisov Sergey K.Leading Engineer
Dr.Bulgakova Natalia N.Head of Science and Education Center
Postgraduate studentVasiliev Dmitry A.Junior Research Fellow
Stud.Grishin Mikhael Ya.Engineer
Dr.Ivashkin Peter I.
Postgraduate studentKostyuchenko Nadezhda V.Junior Research Fellow
Dr.Kuzmenko Artem M.Senior Research Fellow
Postgraduate studentLobanova Inna I.Junior Research Fellow
Postgraduate studentRyabikina Irina G.Junior Research Fellow
Postgraduate studentKharchevsky Anton A.Junior Research Fellow
Postgraduate studentKhoroshilov Artem L.Junior Research Fellow