L266 DPQS 

Diode Pumped Solid-State Quasi-CW Nd: YVO4 Laser

with High Average and Peak Power in UV Spectral Region 
(4th harmonic generation from 1064 nm) 



Wavelength, nm 266
Average power, mW 10 
Pulse repetition rate, KHz 10-20
Pulsewidth, ns
Energy of pulse (at 15 kHz), mJ 0.7
Beam diameter, mm <0.5
Beam divergence, mrad <3
Beam extraction fiber waveguide
Diameter of fiber waveguide, mm 600 
Power consumption 220V/250 W
Dimensions, mm 410x170x360
Weight, kg
Air cooling  
  • Wide application range 
  • High efficiency 
  • Use economy 
  • Good tolerance 
  • Compactness 
  • Automatic control 
  • Reduction of irradiation 
  • Easy of use and maintenance 
  • Built-in system of diagnostics and monitoring 
  • Protection from erroneous operation 
It is the best choice for treatment of destructive forms of pulmonary tuberculosis and another medical application. 

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