Solid-State Quasi-CW YAP:Nd Laser

with high average and peak power in green spectral region (second harmonic generation from 1079,5 nm). 

Laser specifications:
Wavelength, nm  540
Average power, W 20
Pulse repetition rate, KHz 5-60
Pulsewidth, ns 120-150 
Energy of pulse(at 5 kHz),mJ  4
Beam diameter, mm  <2
Beam divergence, mrad <5
Power consumption  380V/3 phases/4,5 kW 
Main water flow rate, l/min 20 at 25...35 C 
Dimensions, mm 
laser head 1000 x160 x 215
power supply  535 x 485 x135 
cooling system 535 x 485 x 250 
Weight, kg
laser head 16 
power supply 12
cooling system 12 

It is the best choice of coherent radiation for dye lasers and tunable solid state lasers using Ti:Sapphire. These lasers are also used in dermatology and show-business.


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