About High Power Lasers Department

HPL department is the division of  General Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Science. Main directions of research are closely connected  with development of advanced high power lasers. Extensive scientific research of various types of lasers and laser technologies, high intensity laser radiation interaction with matter have earned a lot of respect among scientific community all over the world.

Wide spectrum of HPL Dept. of GPI RAS scientific results is regularly presented in the various domestic and International conferences and published  in scientific periodicals. The HPL Department has made a valuable input into development of various branches of laser physics - physical and technical fundamentals of high intensity laser optics and adaptive optics, investigation of physical processes in a high volume self-controlled discharges, creation of high power CW, pulsed and pulse-repetitive laser systems, generation of TW level picosecond 10m laser pulses, parametric generation of high peak power THz radiation,  application of high power lasers for effective  protection of valuable objects and water surface cleaning, medical applications. Recent results of investigations of laser diode arrays phase-locking and mechanisms of shock waves merging for a rockets launch by high repetition rate pulse-periodic laser (“Impulsar”), long conductive channel based on "Impulsar" technology are under very intensive discussion in our country and abroad.

HPL Department includes theoretic group occupied by investigation on interaction of atoms and molecules with intense laser radiation including  physics of wave packets, generation of attosecond pulses, entanglement of quantum states at spontaneous parametric scattering etc. 

Research associates of the Department are highly skilled specialists and many of them have academic degrees. See a photo of our team (1995) below...

It was 1995.


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