High Power Phase-Locked Laser Diode Array


Exclusive high power phase-locked laser diode array has been designed and can be produced for the customer. Employment of both, high power laser diode arrays and efficient heat-exchanger, allowed for a new type of laser with the best in the world efficiency (30%-50%). Extremely compact phase-locked laser diode array can have output power about 30 W cw in a diffraction limited beam emitted from the aperture of 1 cm. Designed laser is compact, simple in operation and can be readily used in a wide variety of scientific and technological applications. 

1. Product description

At present Laser Diode Arrays (LDA) are of much interest. Designed high power phase-locked LDA is based on the principle of discrete active medium synchronization in the external cavity. Phase-locked LDA assembled in a two-dimensional device provides high intensity of the output radiation in the focal spot. Existing experimental data correspond to the output power of 1-2 W cw (array of 12x12 emitters) resulted in a great number of diffraction lobes (10) in the far field. To increase the output power we employ both high efficient LDA and microchanel heatexchanger. Phase-locked LDA allows for beam divergence of ~0.1 mrad. Several patents based on experimental results are prepared. In our product we: employ arrays with high fill factor (0.3-0.7) of laser diodes with wide emitting aperture (> 100 mm) to provide high output power (>30 W cw) in a phase-locked mode; increase the intensity of the radiation in the focal spot; concentrate most of energy in the central diffraction lobe. Phase-locked LDA can be applied for various scientific experiments as well as in technological processes that require compact and efficient laser device with long lasting life-time. Doubtlessly, such lasers are pertinent for all kinds of communication systems. Due to the exclusive design of our laser, it can be produced without involvement of any complex equipment with very flexible configurations. Laser parameters, device sizes and operation all conditions may be changed according to the customer requirements. 

2. Product promotion

The results of investigation of phase-locked LDA are presented at the International Conferences since 1995. 

3. Competition

Exceptional parameters of the device (divergence, efficiency) of the phase-locked LDA were obtained without application of extremely expensive phase-sensing and phase-correcting systems employed in the other analogous devices. At present time we are the unique company in the world which can produce phase-locked LDA with the output power 10 W cw in a diffraction limited beam. 

4. External analysis

The main difficulty in the realization of the project consists of the necessity of special design of LDA employment. The output facet should be covered with non-standard antireflection coating. Unfortunately, the commercial available LDA do not satisfy the required parameter. This will bring to the increase of the LDA employed cost (at the stage of development). Besides, the manufacturing companies can not make the warranty for the output power. 


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