Solve Technological and Environmental Gut Issues with
High Power Mobile Gas-Dynamic CO
2 Lasers!


A variety of high power gas-dynamic lasers is developed at
High Power Lasers Department. At power rates of 50-100 kW in continuos mode, our devices enable to solve a new range of urgent problems like thin oil film elimination from large water area after tanker crashes and oil pipe lines accidents, remote cutting of heavy-gauge metal structures, including emergency conditions, etc. Remarkably small overall dimensions, mobility and self-contained design, independence of stationary power sources, cheap expendables, high reliability, ecologically safe exhaust are essential features of our product.


The continuos mode power level is 50-100 kW, that makes it possible to apply it in new areas still not available for industrial lasers of today's generation. As to opinion of Russian Ministry of defense specialists, lasers rated below 100 kW are not fitted for battlefield applications.

Operation of a gas-dynamic laser is based on direct conversion of energy of burning fuel into one of coherent radiation, without mediators like electric converters etc. Due to this circumstance, gas-dynamic laser (GDL) does not need many bulky subsystems, usually necessary for other types of lasers. Combined together nontoxic exhaust, cheap expendable components, high energy efficiency, remarkably small dimensions and self-contained design make this type the most prospective one. Basic version of mobile technological GDL (AMT GDL) is a GDL unit mounted in a conventional 40-ft container, including fuel tanks for kerosene and toluene, aircraft jet as a drive for compressor and auxiliary systems. Required are neither additional source of electric power, nor fresh water source. Generally, no infra-structure is required at the place of AMT GDL operation.

This AMT GDL unit is destined for effective, high rate, toxic reactant free cleansing of large sea areas from thin film oil pollution resulting from oil tanker crashes, pipelines accidents etc. Disturbed water conditions have no influence on efficiency. Such a unit could also essentially facilitate putting out conflagrations at oil and gas wells, cutting heavy-gauge metal structures from safe distance. Disassembly of worn nuclear reactors, ship bodies etc. is also possible area of application of AMT GDL. A table below contains basic data on AMT GDL:

Radiation power

50-100 kW CW

Angular divergence

~10-3 rad

Continuous operation

1-8 hrs

Fuel consumption:
a) power unit
b) laser combustion chamber

<=3 ton/hr (kerosene)
<=1 ton/hr (toluene or kerosene/toluene mixture)


conventional 40-ft

Dry mass:

<=5 ton

Operation range from depot is limited only by carrier: ship, rail way truck, vehicle trailer etc., where AMT GDL may be mounted.

2. Promotion
Immediate contacts with potential customers at international exhibitions, conferences, meetings are considered to be most effective. Along with this, our proposals and scientific materials are regularly published in both scientific periodicals and mass media. Our partner in France, CILAS, takes part in promotion of our products. The eldest Russian agency for export Energomashexport does, too.
Permission of Committee for Export control of the Russian Government is available

3. Competition
The international market of high power commercial lasers of lower power range (~10 kW) is well established. Absolutely most of lasers operating today in industry, environment monitoring and other applied branches don't exceed 10-15 kW of radiation power. However, as it was mentioned above, there exist a whole range of problems, which may be solved effectively by means of lasers, but power level of available commercial examples is insufficient.
In the past few years, great attention of researchers and manufacturers was paid to the next generation (50 kW and higher). Proposed are various types: chemical oxygen-iodine laser, electric discharge gas-flow CO and CO2 lasers, GDL and others. However, because of physical and ecological limitations, those prototypes, except GDL, are hardly possible to be manufactured in mobile versions. For example, the intensively developed COIL occupies enormous area, the necessary auxiliary systems include gas tanks for reactants and highly toxic exhaust, exhaust neutralizers, electric power plant, chemical reactors, etc.

4. External analysis
Among consequences of this project accomplishment, following points should be noted.
Being occupied in this activity, domestic laser and missile jets specialists could not take into account numerous attractive invitations of military scientific centres of Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and similar regimes. Integration of Russian scientists into the world scientific community will be resumed. Besides, creation of some quantity of new working places is also expected.
Introducing into wide practice of this new technology of environment protection will certainly facilitate the consequences elimination of oil disasters for entire economic zones of sea coasts; ecological communities of seas and coasts will revive in shorter terms.
Occupation in a peaceful branch of scientists earlier occupied in military science and weapons creation will make a contribution into stability of geopolitical situation.


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