About the Head

  Victor V. Apollonov is the key person in Russian science in creation and developing of high power state-of-the-art lasers. Below, you can find some notable facts from his fruitful life and his career of a scientist.  
Victor V. Apollonov

Head of the Department of the General Physics Institute RAS, was born in 1945. Doctor of physics and mathematics, professor, laureate of State prize (1982) and Russian Federation (2001). V. V. Apollonov is the leading specialist in the area of basic principles of creation and development of High power laser systems and High power radiation interaction with a matter.

He has made an outstanding input into creation and development of new branch of science - physical and technical fundamentals of high intensity laser optics, investigation of physical processes in a high volume self-sustained discharges, creation of high power pulsed and pulse-repetitive laser systems. He is the author of more than 600 publications and patents. 

V.V. Apollonov is a high profile scientist and well known all over the world. For more than 35 years of his international scientific activity, he has participated and organized more than 50 international conferences, symposiums and workshops, prepared more than 26 candidates and doctors in physics and mathematics. 

Since 1992 HPL has fulfilled more than 54 R&D contracts with leading scientific institutes from Japan, UK, Germany, France and US. He is a Head of the Department of the General Physics Institute of RAS. 

Apollonov V.V. is the member of both Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and New-York Academy of Sciences. He is the member of both European and American Physical Societies and the member of three specialized scientific councils of Russia. He is a deputy director of Russian State program of development of Solid State Lasers with Laser Diode Pumping.


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