High Power Pulse CO2, N2O and Non-Chain HF(DF) Lasers
Pumped by Volume Self-Sustained Discharge (VSD)


Exceptional high power pulse CO2, N2O and non-chain HF(DF) lasers pumped by volume self-sustained discharge (VSD) have been designed and can be produced for clients. New principles of the VSD obtaining were used for active medium pumping that allowed new type of lasers creation with the best in the world output parameters. Extremely compact CO2 and N2O lasers have output energy in the region of 0,1-5 kJ with the beam divergence close to the diffraction limit and efficiency more than 15%. Biggest in the world output energy (up to 500 J) was obtained in case of non-chain HF(DF) laser with efficiency up to 5% without any special systems of VSD preionization.
Designed lasers are ecologically clean, simple in operation and can be used for a wide variety of scientific and technological applications.

  1. Product description

Designed CO2 and N2O high power lasers TC model are based on the principle of active medium pumping by volume self-sustained discharge. Laser generation on CO2 and N2O molecules may by obtained in the same volume by simple change of the mixture without any other changes of the basic system elements. New principles of VSD obtaining on the base of preliminary discharge gap filling by electrons and dynamic electric field profiling in the gap by volume charge allowed to obtain exceptional laser characteristic:

- very high output energy and power in the case of extremely simple and compact electrode system;
- beam divergence close to diffraction limit;
- efficiency up to 20% for CO2 case.

Designed CO2(N2O) lasers model TC have output energy 0,1-5 kJ, no dangerous components of the mixtures and sources of radiation are used in the lasers. We don't know any other company, which can produce CO2 and N2O lasers with the same value of output energy without use of electron beams, x-ray and another radiation sources for stable discharge realization.

Non-chain HF(DF) lasers with chemical reaction initiation by VSD designed by us have the biggest in the world output energy - 500 J with efficiency about 5%. HF(DF) laser has not any dangerous for health components (mixtures of SF6 with hydrocarbons and carbondeuterides), is compact, reliable and simple in operation. This laser is based on the discovered by us a principle of VSD obtaining in SF6 containing mixtures without any special preionization in the systems of extremely compact electrodes. 

High power, high-energy non-chain HF(DF) laser is exceptional product which is not produced now by any other company.

Areas of CO2 (N2O) lasers application are scientific experiments (laser-plasma interaction, spectroscopy, far IR lasers pumping, etc.al), important objects protection from lightning strikes, lightcraft investigation, products stamping, surfaces cleaning, lidars etc.

Areas of non-chain HF(DF) laser application are determined by the atmosphere property for radiation propagation. It has rich radiation spectrum which allows to use it for spectrum analysis, another molecules pumping etc. al. High power and energy of non-chain HF(DF) laser allows also to apply it for laser-plasma interaction and for solving of some applied problems.

Due to the exceptionality of the design, our lasers can be produced without involvement of any complex equipment. Laser parameters, device sizes and operation conditions may be changed according to the customer requirements.

3. Product promotion

Results of high power CO2 and HF(DF) lasers investigation have been presented at International Conferences since 1985.

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