High Power Solid-State Lasers With High Brightness (HBL)

The main scientific principles of creation and real systems of high brightness lasers have been elaborated at High Power Lasers Deparment of GPI RAS (Moscow, Russia). The Russian Federation patents are available upon request. Lasers based on the Nd:YAG crystals have already been delivered to the foreign clients. Our lasers are equipped with power supplies of our own design.

That are state of the art lasers, the beam quality is two-three times better than that of the best industrial lasers available on market with the same output power.The high beam quality is providing:

- for technology application (cutting, welding, drilling) quality and productivity increases 3-4 times;
- for laser location - the range increases 2-3 times.

The lasers have the following parameters:

- output power - 200 W, beam product parameter - < 5 mm x mrad.
- output power - 600 W, beam product parameter - < 6 mm x mrad.

Beam product parameter:


D - full beam diameter [mm],
Q - full divergence angle [mrad].

High Power Lasers Deparment is able to manufacture the next types of lasers:

a) the middle range solid-state lasers (output power 200-400W, beam product parameter - 10-20 mm x mrad) are of high demand;

b) the high power lasers (output power 1 - 2.5 kW, beam product parameter - 20-30 mm x mrad) are needed in automotive industry.                 

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