Power Supplies for arc Lamp Pumped High Power Solid-State Lasers.

For pumping continuous-wave arc lamps, JSC Energomashtechnika can supply multi-channel power systems for OEM use. Efficient and reliable, these products provide for both lamp ignition and control of lamp currents with the maximum power of up to 9 kW per channel.

The high power supply products are modular power systems using separate switched DC output modules to provide specific voltage and current ratings required by a wide variety of applications. Typical voltage/current combination is 250 V / 35 A for long (180 mm) arc gap and may be changed in wide range by a user request.

The power supply consist of 3-phase main rectifier, control unit, and one or more (up to 4) output modules. Lamp ignition block is manufactured as external interface unit between the power supply and the laser head. Typical dimensions and weight of the power supply system for a 4-lamp laser head are the follows:

Power, kW - per channel 9.0
- total 36.0
- power supply 240x740x900
- ignition unit 350x350x300
Weight, kg - power supply 100
- ignition unit   16

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