R&D at High Power Lasers

  The large reseach area is developed in High Power Laser Dept. of A.M.Prokhorov GPI RAS:
  • Adaptive optical systems and components. Theoretical and experimental investigation.
  • A termoplastic mechanism of solid surface failure caused by laser radiation.
  • Porous materials for high power laser optics.
  • Hybrid unstable-stable resonators for high power lasers .
  • Large-scale laser mirrors: computer modeling, technological aspects, testing.
  • Growth of novel single crystals on fluoride base for UV and VUV regions and investigation of its laser emission properties.
  • Medical applications of UV laser diode pumped solid state lasers.
  • Efficient conversion to 0.5 mm range in quasi-cw solid state lasers.
  • Diode pumping of SSL with disc active element and aspherical optics.
  • Physics of high power self-sustained discharge based molecular (CO2 and N2) and chemical (DF and HF) laser systems.
  • Picosecond 10-mm laser pulse generation and amplification.
  • Development of economically reasonable high power gas-dynamic CO2 lasers.
  • Phase locking of 1D and 2D laser diode structures.
  • Application for pulse-periodic laser radiation with a high repetition rate.
  • Laser matter interaction with variable temporal and spatial structure of laser radiation.
  • Strong-field phenomena in atoms and molecules.
  • Field-induced interference stabilization of Rydberg atoms.
  • Field-induced alignment of molecules along the polarization vector.
  • Atomic autoionizaing states in a strong laser field.
  • Free-electron lasers - new schemes and mechanisms of amplification.
  • Laser acceleration of electrons.
  • Field-assisted scattering of free electrons.
  • Physics of electron wave packets driven by a strong light field.

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