Chair: P.P. Pashinin (Russia)
9.00 - 9.50 Welcome Remarks

Chairs: V.V. Osiko (Russia) and W. Sandner (Germany)

9.50-10.15 H. Walther (Garching, Germany) Quantum optics of a single atom

10.15-10.40 N. Kroo (Budapest, Hungary) Lasers and scanning probe microscopy

10.40-11.10 Coffee break

Chairs: N. Kroo (Hungary) and I.V. Yevseyev (Russia)

11.10-11.35 W. Sandner (Berlin, Germany) Double ionization and long range electron correlations in laser fields

11.35-12.00 P. Mataloni (Rome, Italy) Generation of quantum photon states by active microcavity trap

12.00-12.25 N.I. Koroteev, A.V. Balakin, A.V. Pakulev, A.P. Shkurinov (Moscow, Russia), D. Boucher, E. Fertein, and P. Masselin (Dunkerque, France) Forbidden second harmonic generation in the bulk of the solution of bacteriorhodopsin: femtosecond dynamics and polarization studies

12.25-12.50 E.V. Browell (Hampton, USA) and A.E. Dudelzak (St.-Hubert, Canada) Airborne and spaceborne lidars for global atmospheric studies

13.00-14.00 Lunch

Chairs: H. Walther (Germany) and E.M. Zolotov (Russia)

14.00-14.25 K. Schröder and D. Schuöcker (Vienna, Austria) Ultra high power lasers (>100 kW cw) and their industrial applications

14.25-14.50 P.M. Saari (Tartu, Estonia) Bessel-X light waves of femtosecond-duration coherence - from theory to experiment

14.50-15.15 A. Andreoni (Como, Italy) Control of group-velocities in the parametric generation/amplification of ultrashort tunable pulses

15.15-15.40 V.V. Samartsev and S.N. Andrianov (Kazan, Russia) Superradiative mechanism of laser cooling

15.40-16.10 Coffee break

Chairs: A.M. Dykhne and N.I. Koroteev (Russia)

16.10-16.35 V.I. Yukalov (Dubna, Russia), C.L. Dias, J.A. Gonzales (Brasilia, Brazil), and E.P. Yukalova (Dubna, Russia) Stability analysis of nonlinear dynamics in spin masers

16.35-17.00 N.P. Barnes (Hampton, USA) Remote sensing of planet Earth challenges for solid state lasers

17.00-17.25 G.S. Herman, N.P. Barnes, and S.P. Sandford (Hampton, USA) Investigations of high-resistivity, undoped GaP crystal for quasi-phasematched difference frequency generation to produce terahertz frequency local oscillators

17.25-17.50 F. Giammanco (Pisa, Italy) Single-pass amplification of harmonics generated by wave-mixing

17.50-18.15 V.S. Bagnato (San Paulo, Brazil) Cold collision experiments with a mixture of alkalies

18.15-18.40 T.F. Morse, A. Koze, H. Kung, D.A. Brown, E. Wetjen, and V.A. Kozlov (Providence, USA) Broadly tunable all-fiber Er-ring laser using an overcoupled fused coupler

19.00-23.00 WELCOME PARTY

Chairs: V.V. Osiko and V.M. Yermachenko (Russia)

9.00-9.25 T. Nakajima (Saitama, Japan), Jian Zhang (Garching, Germany), and P. Lambropoulos (Crete, Greece) Coherent control of photoabsorption applied to the Ca atom

9.25-9.50 N.P. Zaitseva, J.J. De Yoreo, M.R. Dehaven, R.L. Vital, H.R. Spears, and L.J. Atherton (Livermore, USA) Large-scale (41-55 cm) KDP crystals grown by rapid growth technique for laser fusion applications

9.50-10.15 V.V. Shuvalov, V. Kutuzov, V.M. Petnikova, and V.A. Vysloukh (Moscow, Russia) Self-organization in photorefractive crystals: solitons and spatial shock waves, phase conjugation and dynamic processes

10.15-10.40 V.N. Zadkov, B.A. Grishanin (Moscow, Russia), and D. Meschede (Bonn, Germany) Fluorescence spectrum of a driven L-system

10.40-11.10 Coffee break

Chairs: P.M. Saari (Estonia) and V.V. Samartsev (Russia)

11.10-11.35 L.A. Kotomtseva, G.P. Ledneva, and L.G. Astafieva (Minsk, Belarus) Microparticles as laser sources and bistable elements

11.35-12.00 E.M. Zolotov and K.K. Svidzinskiy (Moscow, Russia) Superresolution in scanning heterodyne microscope

12.00-12.25 A.A. Michailovsky, G.Kh. Kitaeva, P.S. Losevsky, and A.N. Penin (Moscow, Russia) Measurement of refractive index dispersion in Mg:LiNbO3 and Nd:Mg:LiNbO3 single crystals by means of coherent four-wave and spontaneous three-wave light scattering

12.25-12.50 K.N. Firsov, V.V. Apollonov, S.Yu. Kazantsev, and V.F. Oreshkin (Moscow, Russia) High power pulse non-chain HF(DF) lasers initiated by volume self-sustained discharge

13.00-14.00 Lunch

Chairs: V.S. Bagnato (Brazil) and E.M. Zolotov (Russia)

14.00-14.25 I. Richter, Z. Ryzi, and P. Fiala (Prague, Czech Republic) Analysis of diffraction gratings: comparison between different approaches

14.25-14.50 A.M. Zheltikov, A.B. Fedotov, N.I. Koroteev, A.N. Naumov, and D.A. Sidorov-Biryukov (Moscow, Russia) Coherent four-wave mixing in a laser-produced plasma

14.50-15.15 B. Fain (Tel-Aviv, Israel) Quantum measurement amd pure dephasing

15.15-15.40 M.A. Cervantes, R. Flores, E.V. Kurmyshev, M.R. Pedroza, S. Sekerj-Zenkovich, and D. Soto (Hermosillo, Mexico) Diffraction of two interfering optical beams in the Fresnel region

15.40-16.10 Coffee break

Chair: E.V. Browell (USA) and V.I. Yukalov (Russia)

16.10-16.35 A.V. Burlakov, M.V. Chekhova, D.N. Klyshko, S.P. Kulik, and A.N. Penin (Moscow, Russia) Three-frequency Mach-Zehnder interference in the spontaneous parametric scattering of light

16.35-17.00 S.V. Kireev and S.L. Shnyrev (Moscow, Russia) The new laser-excited fluorescence method for determination of 129I and 127I in gas mixture

17.00-17.25 J.-M. Nunzi (Saclay, France) Anisotropic photoinduced diffusion of azobenene in a polymer matrix, optical memory applications

17.25-17.50 V.A. Makarov, N.I. Koroteev, and S.N. Volkov (Moscow, Russia) Theoretical investigations of three-wave mixing processes from a chiral surface

17.50-18.15 B. Luk'yanchuk (Moscow, Russia), N. Arnold, D. Baeuerle (Linz, Austria), and N. Bityurin (N.Novgorod, Russia) Fast quantitative modeling of nanosecond laser ablation based on spatial moments techniques

19.00 - 20.00 Dinner

Wednesday, August 6 (Vestibule)
9.00-12.50 Poster Session

Chairs: H. Hutchinson (UK) and V.P. Krainov (Russia)

9.00-9.25 S.L. Chin (Quebec, Canada) Atoms and molecules in an intense femtosecond laser pulse: Electron trapping, nonsequential ionization, dissociative recombination and enhanced tunnel ionization

9.25-9.50 W. Becker, M. Kleber, A. Lohr, G.G. Paulus, H. Walter, and F. Zacher (Berlin/Garching, Germany) Interference in the above-threshold-ionization spectra

9.50-10.15 A. Becker and F.H.M. Faisal (Bielefeld, Germany) Non-sequential double ionization of He in intense laser fields: Energy-sharing mechanism and model formula

10.15-10.40 J. Bauer (Warsaw, Poland) Volkov wave function with Coulomb corrections

10.40-11.10 Coffee break

11.10-11.35 S. Bivona, R. Burlon, and C. Leone (Palermo, Italy) Control of photoelectron spectra in photodetachment assisted by a bichromatic low-frequency field

11.35-12.00 O.V. Tikhonova, E.A. Volkova, A.M. Popov, and M.V. Fedorov (Moscow, Russia) Interference stabilization of Rydberg atoms: Analytical and numerical solution of the initial-value problem

12.00-12.25 H.R. Reiss (Washington DC, USA) A definitive test for the presence of strong-field atomic stabilization. A comprehensive strong-field theory inclusive of both tunneling and stabilization

12.25-12.50 A. Cionga, L. Dimou, and F.H.M. Faisal (Bucharest, Romania / Bielefeld, Germany) Differential cross-sections for electron-hydrogen scattering in a CO2 laser field

13.00-14.00 Lunch

Chair: S.L. Chin (Canada)

14.00-14.25 V.P. Krainov and N.B. Delone (Moscow, Russia) Barrier-suppression ionization of atoms in a strong laser field

14.25-14.50 A. Ermolaev (Brussels, Belgium) Atomic states in superstrong laser fields: a relativistic, high-frequency view

14.50-15.15 Q. Su (Normal, IL, USA) Strong-field ionization, relativistic effects

15.15-15.40 M.B. Smirnov and V.P. Krainov (Moscow, Russia) Barrier-suppression fields for ionization of hydrogen molecule and hydrogen molecular ion

15.40-16.10 Coffee break

16.10-16.35 I. Averbukh (Rehovot, Israel) Quantum wavepacket technology

16.35-17.00 S.P. Goreslavsky and S.V. Popruzhenko (Moscow, Russia) Structure of the electron wave packet produced by photoionization in the tunneling limit

17.00-17.25 S.J. Haan (Grand Rapids, MI, USA) Stabilization and decay in near-threshold photodetachment

17.25-17.50 C. Szymanowski, R. Taieb, and A. Maquet (Paris, France) Mott scattering of polarized electrons in the presence of strong laser field

17.50-18.15 Ch.M. Bowden (Red Stone Arsenal, Al, USA) Local field effects in nonlinear optics

18.15-18.40 J. Bergou (New York, USA) Squeezing in lasers

19.00-20.00 Dinner

Chair: Ch.M. Bowden (USA)

9.00-9.25 G. Gerber (Würzburg, Germany) Clusters in intense ultrashort laser fields

9.25-9.50 A.M. Popov, E.A. Volkova, and O.V. Tikhonova (Moscow, Russia) Numerical simulation of molecular hydrogen ions behavior under strong femtosecond laser pulse action

9.50-10.15 A. Bandrauk (Sherbrooke, Canada) Molecules in intense laser field - enhanced ionization, harmonic generation, and ATI

10.15-10.40 M. Brewczyk, Ch.W. Clark, M. Lewenstein, and K. Rzazewski (Bialystok / Warsaw, Poland) Molecules and clusters in strong laser fields

10.40-11.10 Coffee break

11.10-11.35 C. Cornaggia (Gif-sur-Yvette, France) Multiple ionization of simple molecules in strong laser fields

11.35-12.00 A.M. Dykhne (Moscow, Russia) Laser control of diatomic molecules

12.00-12.25 N. Rahman (Trieste, Italy) Above threshold dissociation

12.25-12.50 T. Kotseroglou (Stanford, USA) Electron-positron production in intense laser field

13.00-14.00 Lunch

Chair: S.P. Goreslavsky (Russia)

14.00-14.25 S. Dobosz, M. Lezius, M. Schmidt, J-P. Rozet, and D. Vernhet (Gif-sur-Yvette, France) Rare gas clusters in intense laser fields

14.25-14.50 H. Hutchinson (London, UK) Interaction of high-intensity laser pulses with atomic clusters

14.50-15.15 V.A. Malyshev (St. Petersburg, Russia) and P. Moreno (Salamanca, Spain) Harmonic generation accompaning collective spontaneous emission

15.15-15.40 G. Ferrante, S.A. Uryupin, M. Zarcone, and P.I. Porshnev (Palermo, Italy / Moscow, Russia) Laser-heated electron velocity distributions and harmonic generation in a plasma

15.40-16.10 Coffee break

16.10-16.35 A. Egbert, B.N. Chichkov, S. Meyer, T. Woywod, and B. Wellegehausen (Hannover, Germany) Investigations on novel soft-x-ray laser schemes

16.35-17.00 B. Chichkov (Hannover, Germany) Phase-matched high-order harmonic generation

17.00-17.25 S.A. Uriupin, A.Yu. Romanov, and V.P. Silin (Moscow, Russia) Anomalies at powerful radiation interaction with plasma

17.25-17.50 F.H.M. Faisal (Bielefeld, Germany) Generation and control of high harmonics from periodical structures

17.50-18.15 S.P. Andreev, A.S. Andreev, and Yu.A. Gurvich (Moscow, Russia) Theory of line broadening in a quantum cyclotron resonance due to neutral impurities

18.15-18.40 U. Hinze, E. Tiemann, and B. Wellegehausen (Hannover, Germany) CW resonant four-wave mixing in double-lambda configurations

19.00-20.00 Dinner

Chair: H.R. Reiss (USA)

16.10-16.35 I.V. Smetanin (Moscow, Russia) Down-conversion IR FEL: nonlinear theory

16.35-17.00 M.Yu. Romanovsky (Berlin, Germany / Moscow, Russia) The excitation and decay of nuclei at the superstrong laser field

17.00-17.25 M.S. Fofanov and N.B. Narozhny (Moscow, Russia) Quantum effects in a strong bichromatic field

17.25-17.50 D.F. Zaretsky (Moscow, Russia) Coherent effects in high-order harmonic generation

19.00-23.00 BANQUET

Thursday, August 7 (Vestibule)
14.00-15-40 Poster Session


09.00-09.15 G. Muller (Berlin, Germany) Laser diagnostics

09.15-09.30 R. Steiner (Ulm, Germany) Optical tomography

09.30-10.00 H.P. Berlien (Berlin, Germany) Clinical laser applications

Session: Laser Diagnostics Chairs: A.V. Priezzhev (Russia), G. Müller, R. Steiner (Germany)

10.00-10.20 P.G. Pleshanov (Moscow, Russia) and R. Jensen (Los Angeles, USA) Laser-based analysis of biological reconstruction of ionizing radiation during the chernobyl accident

10.20-10.40 S.A. Gonchukov and E.Ya. Shinder (Moscow, Russia) Application of intracavity laser refractometry method in medical diagnostics

10.40-11.10 Coffee break

11.10-11.30 K.-H. Feller (Jena, Germany) and E. Gaizauskas (Vilnius, Lithuania) Coherence in femtosecond pump-probe spectroscopy of molecular complexes and aggregates

11.30-11.50 A.V. Priezzhev (Moscow, Russia) Contemporary light-scattering techniques for diagnostics of blood

11.50-12.10 J. Beuthan and Th. Bocher (Berlin, Germany) Optical biopsy

12.10-12.30 V.P. Bozhkova (Moscow, Russia) and D. Chorvat (Bratislava, Slovakia) Using of laser photolysis method for the analysis of information processes in biological membranes

12.30-12.50 D.V. Klotchkov, Yu.A. Bykovsky, V.B. Oshurko, and A.A. Chistyakov (Moscow, Russia) Nonlinear optical properties of liquid water under resonant infrared laser excitation of H2O molecular associates

13.00-14.00 Lunch

Session: Medical Laser Applications
Chairs: H.P. Berlien, R. Hibst (Germany), H. Jelinkova (Czech Republic)

14.00-14.20 W.S. Grundfest (Los Angeles, USA) The use of pulsed ultraviolet lasers in medicine

14.20-14.40 R. Hibst and R. Steiner (Ulm, Germany) Basic mechanisms and applications of tissue ablation

14.40-15.00 H. Jelinkova, T. Dostalova, K. Hamal, O. Krejsa, J. Kubelka, and S. Prochazka (Prague, Czech Republic) Er:YAG laser in dentistry

15.00-15.20 T. Dostalova, M. Jelinek, and M. Himmlova (Prague, Czech Republic) Laser deposited hydroxylapatite films on dental implants - biological evaluation

15.20-15.40 S. Utz (Saratov, Russia) New results in laser dermatology

15.40-16.10 Coffee break

16.10-16.30 A. Roggan and G. Müller (Berlin, Germany) Laser-induced-thermo-therapy (LITT) - method and application

16.30-16.50 G.I. Klebanov, T.V. Chichuk, T.M. Modestova (Moscow, Russia) Laser therapy mechanism on the basis of free-radical reactions

16.50-17.10 A.B. Karpiouk, D.V. Klotchkov, V.B. Oshurko, and A.A. Chistyakov (Moscow, Russia) Specific vibrational relaxation in protein macromolecules under resonant infrared laser excitation

17.10-17.30 R. Birngruber and U. Schmidt-Erfurth (Lübeck, Germany) Concept and clinics of photodynamic therapy in age-related maculadegeneration: a review

17.30-17.50 T.S. Polyakova, A.S. Lapchenko, A.I. Kryukov, V.T. Pal'chun, A.G. Kucherov (Moscow, Russia), M.A. Yakshin, Se-Won Yoon, and Yong-Suk Kim (Seoul, Korea) Clinical laser therapy of acute media otitis illnesses

18.00-19.00 Poster session and free discussion

19.00-20.00 Dinner

Chairs: I.A. Shcherbakov (Russia) and H. Weber (Germany)

9.00-9.25 B.H.T. Chai (Orlando, USA) Growth of solid state laser crystals for commercial applications

9.25-9.50 W.H. Lowdermilk (Livermore, USA) The National Ignition Facility: A 2MJ, 500 TW laser to demonstrate inertially confined fusion ignition in the laboratory

9.50-10.15 S. Nakai (Osaka, Japan) Development of diode pumped solid state laser and it application to laser fusion and industry

10.15-10.40 K. Petermann, S. Hurling, S. Hartung, and S. Kueck (Hamburg, Germany) Mn3+: Fundamental spectroscopy and excited state absorption

10.40-11.10 Coffee break

Chairs: K. Petermann (Germany) and S. Nakai (Japan)

11.10-11.35 P.E.-A. Moebert, A. Diening, E. Heumann, G. Huber (Hamburg, Germany), and B.H.T. Chai (Orlando, USA) Room temperature cw upconversion-pumped laser emission in Ho,Yb:KYF4 at 756, 1050, and 1390 nm

11.35-12.00 A. Diening, P.E.-A. Moebert, E. Heumann, G. Huber, (Hamburg, Germany), and B.H.T. Chai (Orlando, USA) Diode-pumped cw lasing of Yb,Ho:KYF4 in the 3 mm spectral region

12.00-12.25 I.T. Sorokina, E. Sorokin, and E. Wintner (Wien, Austria) On the way towards the pulse-duration limits in prismless KLM Cr:LiSGaF and Cr:LiSAF lasers

12.25-12.50 N.N. Il'ichev, A.V. Kir'yanov, E.S. Gulyamova, and P.P. Pashinin (Moscow, Russia) Polarisation state of a neodymium laser with YAG:Cr4+ crystal Q-switch

13.00-14.00 Lunch

Chairs: B.H.T. Chai (USA) and N.N. Il'ichev (Russia)

14.00-14.25 H. Weber (Berlin, Germany) Diode pumped solid state lasers in the multi kW-range

14.25-14.50 G.A. Bufetova, D.A. Nikolaev, V.B. Tsvetkov, and I.A. Shcherbakov (Moscow, Russia) Dynamic gratings in the Cr4+:GSGG saturable absorber

14.50-15.15 P. Peterson, A. Gavrielides, and M.P. Sharma (New Mexico, USA) Modeling of threshold and extraction efficiency in Pr ZBLAN upconversion fiber lasers using two-photon pumping

15.15-15.40 V.E. Yashin, A.A. Andreev, V.I. Bayanov, A.B. Van'kov, A.A. Kozlov, I.V. Kurnin, N.A. Solov'ev, and S.A. Chizhov (St. Petersburg, Russia) Nd:glass laser system with high contrast ratio picosecond pulses and it application for generation of X-ray radiation from high temperature plasma

15.40-16.10 Coffee break

Chairs: N.N. Il'ichev (Russia) and P. Peterson (USA)

16.10-16.35 V. Kubecek, H. Jelinkova, and P. Krupickova (Prague, Czech Republic) Cr:forsterite laser pumped by Q-switched Nd:YAP laser

16.35-17.00 V.B. Tsvetkov, I.V. Klimov, and I.A. Shcherbakov (Moscow, Russia) Controlling of the Nd-laser output characteristics by the Cr-doped Q-switches

17.00-17.25 A.V. Lukashev, Yu.D. Zavartsev, A.I. Zagumenny, N.V. Kravtsov, L.A. Kulevski, P.P. Pashinin, P.A. Studenikin, and A.F. Umyskov (Moscow, Russia) Q-switching in YSGG:Cr:Yb:Ho laser (~3 mm)

17.25-17.50 R.A. Shananin, V.N. Petrovskiy, D.I. Soloviev, and I.V. Yevseyev (Moscow, Russia) Axial modes competition in Nd3+:YAG double-mode laser with longitudinal laser-diode pumping

17.50-18.15 P. Hribek, J. Král, and F. Folttiny (Prague, Czech Republic) Ion-implanted planar waveguide laser structures

(19.00-23.00 BANQUET)

Chairs: G. Huber (Germany) and I.A. Shcherbakov (Russia)

9.00-9.25 E. Georgiou (Heraklion, Greece) Characteristics of a diode-pumped Q-switched Nd:YAG laser with continuously variable output pulsewidth 20-100 nsec

9.25-9.50 L.A. Kotomtseva (Minsk, Belarus) Solid state laser with a saturable absorber models for the tunable passive loss modulation and mode-locking regimes

9.50-10.15 V.E. Yashin, A.F. Vasil'ev, V.A. Gorbunov, K.K. Lavrent'ev, and A. Chizhov (St. Peterburg, Russia) High peak and average power solid-state laser system with SBS pulse compression

10.15-10.40 Yu.Yu. Broslavets and A.A. Fomitchev (Dolgoprudny, Russia) Investigation of chaotic instabilities in mode-locked Cr4+:Y3Al5O12 laser

10.40-11.10 Coffee break

11.10-11.35 S.V. Kruzhalov, Vladimir A. Parfenov, and Vadim A. Parfenov (St. Petersburg, Russia) Thermo-optics of lamp-pumped Nd:YAG lasers with selective reflectors

11.35-12.00 Vadim A. Parfenov, V.G. Bespalov, and E.Yu. Yutanova (St. Petersburg, Russia) Spatial coherence of Nd:YAG laser radiation at fundamental and second harmonics

Chairs: C. Fotakis (Greece) and E.A. Vinogradov (Russia)

9.00-9.25 R.W. Eason (Southampton, United Kingdom) New thin film lasers grown by pulsed laser depostion: Advantages of PLD for novel device architectures

9.25-9.50 M. Chaker (Varennes, Quebec, Canada) Pulsed laser depostion of thin films

9.50-10.15 D. Pribat (Orsay, France) Excimer laser crystallization of amorphous silicon for thin film transistor applications

10.15-10.40 E. Majkova, S. Luby, E. Dobrocka (Bratislava, Slovak Republic), E. D'Anna, A. Luches, and M. Martino (Lecce, Italy) Cobalt induced crystallization of amorphous silicon under XeCl excimer laser irradiation

10.40-11.10 Coffee break

Chairs: W. Marine (France) and K.A. Prokhorov (Russia)

11.10-11.35 P.H. Key, J. Gonzalo, and M.J.J. Schmidt (Hull, United Kingdom) Growth of Ti:sapphire thin films by pulsed laser deposition

11.35-12.00 A. Luches, G. Leggieri, A. Perrone (Lecce, Italy), and J. Zemek (Prague, Czech Republic) Study of carbon nitride synthesis and deposition by reactive laser ablation of graphite in low pressure nitrogen atmosphere

12.00-12.25 D. Sands, A. Contoret, and P.H. Key (Hull, United Kingdom) The effect of background gas in excimer laser ablation deposition from SiC targets

12.25-12.50 C. Popov, B. Ivanov, V. Shanov (Sofia, Bulgaria), and K. Masseli (Kassel, Germany) Deposition of BCN films by laser ablation

13.00-14.00 Lunch

Chairs: R.W. Eason (UK) and M. Jelinek (Czech Republic)

14.00-14.25 J. Sonsky, M. Jelinek, P. Hribek (Prague, Czech Republic), C. Grivas, and C. Fotakis (Heraklion, Greece) The experience with pulsed laser deposition of Nd:YAG and Nd:YAP thin films for planar laser waveguides

14.25-14.50 B. Luk'yanchuk (Moscow, Russia), W. Marine (Marseille, France), and S. Anisimov (Chernogolovka, Russia) Condensation of vapor and nanoclusters formation within the vapor plume, produced by ns-laser ablation of Si

14.50-15.15 W. Marine, L. Patrone, and M. Sentis (Marseille, France), B. Luk'yanchuk, and S. Uglov (Moscow, Russia) Kinetics of condensation and nanoclusters formation during UV-laser ablation of Si

15.15-15.40 J. Lancok, M. Jelinek, and J. Bulir (Prague, Czech Republic) Study of the channel waveguide Ti:sapphire laser

15.40-16.10 Coffee break

17.00-18.40 Poster Session

Chairs: P. Leiderer (Germany) and B. Luk'yanchuk (Russia)

9.00-9.25 C. Fotakis (Heraklion, Greece) Laser technology in art conservation applications

9.25-9.50 D. Suter (Dortmund, Germany) Interaction of spin-polarised atoms with dieletric films and interfaces

9.50-10.15 P.E. Dyer, D.A. Allwood, R.W. Dreyfus, and I.K. Perera (Hull, United Kingdom) UV laser matrix assisted laser desorption ionization (MALDI): mechanisms and applications

10.15-10.40 E.A. Vinogradov, Yu.E. Lozovik, and Yu.A. Matveets (Troitsk, Russia) Femtosecond spectroscopy of semiconductor microcavity polaritons

10.40-11.10 Coffee break

Chairs: M. Chaker (Canada) and D. Suter (Germany)

11.10-11.35 P. Leiderer (Konstanz, Germany) Instabilities of thin metal films irradiated by an intense laser pulse

11.35-12.00 E. Fogarassy, J.P. Stoquert, J.J. Grobe, D. Muller, B. Prevot, and O. Freneaux (Strasbourg, France) Excimer laser micro-patterning of transparent polymers pre-implanted with high energy ions

12.00-12.25 N.A. Loiko and Yu.A. Logvin (Minsk, Belarus) Optical pattern formation due to interaction of hopf and static instabilities in nonlinear thin film

12.25-12.50 C. Grivas, S. Mailis, L. Boutsikaris, D.S. Gill, N.A. Vainos (Heraklion, Greece), and P.J. Chandler (Falmer, United Kingdom) Indium oxide holographic recorders grown by pulsed laser deposition

13.00-14.00 Lunch

Chairs: E. Fogarassy (France) and P.H. Key (UK)

14.00-14.25 V. Myslik, M. Vrnata, M. Metal, F. Vyslouzil, and M. Jelinek (Prague, Czech Republic) Pulsed laser deposition of selected organic compounds

14.25-14.50 P. Prech, A. Janèárek, P. Gavrilov (Prague, Czech Republic), and P.H. Key (Hull, United Kingdom) Temperature changes induced by low-energy CO2 laser irradiation in enamel

14.50-15.15 E.N. Sobol (Troitsk, Russia) Cluster-type laser ablation of multi-component materials: Mechanism and use for the polishing of thin films and deposition of biocompatible coatings

15.15-15.40 E.N. Antonov, B.N. Bagratashvili, V.K. Popov, E.N. Sobol (Troitsk, Russia), and S.M. Howdle (Nottingham, United Kingdom) Laser deposited coatings as precursors for biomimetics films growth

15.40-16.10 Coffee break

Chairs: M. Jelinek (Czech Republic) and D. Pribat (France)

16.10-16.35 L. Hudec, P. Machac, V. Myslik, and M. Vrnata (Prague, Czech Republic) Laser technology to contacts formation of III-V semiconductors for measuring use

16.35-17.00 P. Machac, V. Myslik, and M. Vrnata (Prague, Czech Republic) Thickness of subcontact modified layer of laser-annealed WInGe contacts to GaAs

17.00-17.25 H. Chmelickova, J. Grezl, and L. Kucharovicova (Olomouc, Czech Republic) Cladding of low carbon steel by CO2 laser

17.25-17.50 M. Yakshin, Seoung Soo Choi, Dae-Wok Kim (Chungnam, Korea) J.Y. Park, Young Kuk, and S.W. Park (Seoul, Korea) Laser fabrication of many-gated Si or metal field arrays for focused electron beam generation