We are located in the General Physics Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences.

The group consists of 20 researchers and a variable number of graduate and post-graduate students.

Research in our group is dedicated to  various aspects of theoretical physics.

We perform our studies in the following areas:

Plasma Physics

  • Nonneutral plasmas 
  • Nonlinear waves 
  • Gas discharge 
  • Plasma electronics 
Solid state physics

Mathematical physics

  • theory of groups and their applications 
  • self-organization 
  • fractal media 
  • nonlinear phenomena 

Computational Physics

  •   computer simulation in plasma  physics. 
  •   numerical methods in gas, plasma and fluid mechanics. 


  • dynamics of sea ice cover 
  • nonlinear surface waves in fluids 
  • physics of granular media 

Atomic physics

  • atomic and molecular spectra in external fields 

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