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Name: Pershin Serguei Mikhailovich
Borne: March 27th, 1949 in Ishimbay, Bashkiria, USSR, Russia.
Family: wife and three children
Nationality: Russia
Permanent Address:
Private:street Academician Vargi 20, ap.83
117133, Moscow, Russia,
tel. (007)-(095)-339-05 -39
Department's office: street Vavilov 38,
Wave Research Center of General Physics Institute of
RUSSIA, 991119, Moscow,
Mail: pershin@orc.ru
Telphone number:
(007)-(095)-135-82 -34; 952-02-26, 952-05-40
fax: (007)-(095)- 135-82 -34

Current position: Leading researcher, Heard of group: "Laser spectroscopy and remote sensing".


High School: Moscow State University, Physics department, 1966 -1972.
Undegraduation: Moscow State University, Physics department, Wave
processes and nonlinear optics facility, 1972 - 1977.
Graduation: PhD Level: Moscow State University, Physics department,
Wave processes and nonlinear optics facility, 1978;
Doctor of phys.-math. Sciences: Moscow State University, Institute of Nuclear Physics,
Physics department, 1998

Professional Experience:

1 - Teaching and Research Experience in Russia
- Yunior researcher - Department of Physics - Moscow State University: 1977 - 1980;
- Associate Professor - Department of Physics - Moscow State University: 1980 - 1985;
- Senior researcher - Head of group - Russian Academy of Sciences -
Space Reseasrch Institute, 1985 - 1991;
- Leading researcher - Head of group - Russian Academy of Sciences -
Space Reseasrch Institute, 1991 - 2001;
- Leading researcher - Head of group - Russian Academy of Sciences -
Wave Research Center of General Physics Institute, 2001- present;
- Responsible for spaceborne Laser Plasma Gun calibration for "PHOBOS-86" Russian
Mars mission in 1986 - 1989.
- Principle Investigator (and then CoPI) of Lidar Device for Mars Surveyor Lander-99
(USA - Russia project) 1996.
2 - International Research and Teaching Experiance
- Guest Scientist - Department of Physics - State University of Sofia - Bulgaria one visit in 1980.
- Invited Scientist - Prague Technical University - Czech Repablic seven visits in the period of 1986 to 1998.
- Invited Scientist, visiting Professor - Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, (PUC-Rio), Brazil, two visit in 1996-2000.
- Invited Scientist - Trieste University - Italy, one visit June, 2000
- Invited Scientist - ENEA, Frascati - Italy, one visit Oct.-Dec., 2000
- Invited Scientist - CNRS, Bordeaux - France, one visit, 2002.
3 - Other Academic Experiences
a) Three students advised at PhD level: Podshivalov A.A; Bukharov A.Yu. (diplom number KDNo066295, Moscow, 7 August, 1992); Bukharin A.V., (diplom number KTNo025343, 14 July, 2000).
b) Six students advised at master level
c) One student being advised at PhD level
d)Co-ordinator one student advised at PhD and master level in PUC Rio
e) Co-ordinator one student advised master level in Trieste University

  • Regular seminars presentations in Laser Remote Sensing Laboratory
  • Course of lectures for post graduate students of PUC-Rio ( Brasil ) on "Laser_s Physics and Laser Applications".
  • Practical course of "Optics and Lasers
    1. Basic Research in field of Laser Physics and Nonlinear Optics;
    - Laser pulse (nano-, pico- and femtosecond duration) Interaction with Matter and Processing;
    - Features of femtosecond pulse propagation in atmosphere;
    - Study of temperature evolution of cluster structure in water by Raman Spectroscopy;
    selection of different type of water by this technique.
    2. Applied Research - Environmental research by Lidar remote sensing technique.
    - atmospheric pollutants detection by using of Compact Spaceborne Lidar remote sensing
    technique ( aerosol, dust / smoke layers, cloud's height );
    - detection of seawater pollution's by fluorescence Lidar remote sensing technique;
    - estimation of the organic matter contaminations in soil surface by remote sensing Laser
    method from the mooving platform;
    - estimation of forest average height and wood / biomass storage by profile measuring with eye-safe compact Laser rangefinder from helicopter's platform;
    - analysis of element composition of condenced matter by Laser Spark Remote Technique.

    Chronicle of scientific activity

    1970 - 1978 development of the different type nanosecond lasers and Optical Parametric Oscillators for study of the nonlinear processes in different media ( harmonic generation, laser breakdown of optical elements, nonlinear spectroscopy, resonance interaction and etc.)

    1978 - 1985 development of picosecond solid state Nd:YAG laser and synchronously pumped tunable dye laser; generation of femtosecond pulses by using optical fiber compressor; narrowband filter for laser communication line;
    1985 - 1986 development of special equipment and tecnique for the special Spaceborne Laser calibration for Mars-Phobos mission in 1988;

    1986 - 1990 development of a new approach and technique for remote sensing of the element compsition of condenced matter by laser plasma generation on the surface target in the atmosphere with suppressed of atomospheric nitrogen emission lines and spectroanalysis of laser plasma emission, which wxcited by double pulse of pump;

    1990 - 1996 -development of eye-safe compact backscatter Lidar based on the diode laser and Single Photon counting detector for remote sensing of atmosphere pollution and prediction of aerosol plume spreading after the accident on a chemical plant ; new approach to remote sensing of the water surface pollution by using of diode lidar system; prepared of the first compact Lidar to Mars Surveyor Lander -99 mission as Principle Investigator at the first stage; development of fluorscence Lidar for remote sensing and analysis of the water and soil organic pollution.

    1996 - 2000 - development and installation of the fluorescence Lidar in PUC-Rio de Janeiro and mapping of the sea water pollution by this Lidar; development of new approach to study of water structure based on the Raman Spectroscopy.

    2000 - present - development and installation of the double pulse technique for Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy in ENEA, Frascati, Italy; 100 femtosecond pulse interaction with sample surafce by Sum Frequency Generation method and generation of peridical grating on the metal and semiconductor surface (Bordeaux, CNRS, France); water structure evolution in supercooled water.

    Brief biography

    Serguei Pershin born in Bashkiria (South Ural Russia Region), graduated from Moscow State University with a Ph.D in physics (1976). He worked from 1976 - 85 at the Physical Facility (Department of Wave Processes) of Moscow State Univ.. In 1985 he joined the Space Research Inst. Russian Academy of Sciences and heads of group of Laser Remote Sensing Technique for calibration of Laser Gun from Phobos-88 spacecraft remote sensing system. Pershin has published approximately 130 technical and scientific papers in referenced journals, 10 patents and has supervised about 5 dissertations. His achivements, besides Optical Parametric Oscillator and generator of pico- and subpicosecond pulses by compressed in optical fiber, include supernarrowband wide field of view optical filter for laser communication links, a new approach to laser spark remote sensing echnique under the double pulse irradiation of the target surface, development the compact aerosol diode lidar for Mars Surveyor Lander-99 mission as a Principal Investigator, and development of the new technique to study of water structure by fluorescence Lidar and spontaneous Raman scattering and deetection&mapping of the sea water pollution by remote sensing Lidar technique.

    Total of 135 publications; here follows the lists of those that appeared in the last five years:

    1. "Detection and Mapping of Oil Slicks by a Compact Diode Lidar" - S.Pershin, A.Bukharin, K.Voliak, R.Nunes and I.Corvalho Proceedings of Fourth International Conference on Remote Sensing for Marine and Coastal Environments, v.1, pp. 399-404, March-1997, Orlando, Florida.
    2. "Mapping of Water skin layer pollution in Brazilian Coastal by a portable Diode Lidar"- S.Pershin, K.Voliak, R.Nunes, Proceedings of International Symposium of Water Pollution Remote Sensing Technique, v. ..., p. ... ,Slovenia, June 21-26 1997.

    3. Bunkin and S.Pershin, R. Nunes, L.C.Scavarda do Carmo, "Compact Lidar for Remote Sensing of water Pollution", Proceedings of International Symposium of Water Pollution Remote Sensing Technique, v. ..., p. ... , Slovenia, June 21-26 1997.

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    5. "LIBS- Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy applied to films characterization", - R.Tabares, R.Nunes, S.Pershin and A.Bunkin, R. Avillez, Proceeding of II International Congress of Material Technologies, San Paulo, Brazil, Oct. 1997

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