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    GPI Staff

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Ms.Abaeva Olga V.Optician
Ms.Abramova Nina M.Deputy Head of Department
Mr.Abrosimov Sergei A.Leading Constructor
Mr.Avakjan Avak G.Leading Engineer
Mr.Agafonov Valery V.Engineer
Ms.Ageeva Nina V.Researcher
Dr.Azarevich Andrey N.Researcher
Mr.Aiyyzhy Kuder O.Senior Technician
Mr.Aksinin Vladimir I.Researcher
Ms.Alexandrova Valentina N.Leading Accountant
Ms.Alexandrova Victoriya V.Deputy Head of Department
Prof.Alekseev Alexander S.Head of Laboratory
Dr.Alimov Olimkhon K.Senior Researcher
Ms.Alpatova Valentina M.Vacuum Pump Operator
Dr.Alpatiev Andrew N.Researcher
Postgraduate studentAmasev Dmitry V.Junior Researcher
Mr.Andreev Sergey V.Senior Researcher
Ms.Andreeva Klara B.Leading Accountant
Dr.Andryushechkin Boris V.Senior Researcher
Dr.Andryushin Alexander I.Leading Engineer
Dr.Anzin Vladimir B.Leading Researcher
Ms.Anzina Lyudmila V.Researcher
Dr.Anisimov Mikhail A.Researcher
Mr.Anoshin Andrew A.Junior Researcher
Mr.Anpilov Andrew M.Researcher
Mr.Antonov Yurij S.Deputy Head of Department
Dr.Antonova Landish Kh.Senior Researcher
Prof.Apollonov Victor V.Head of Department
Dr.Apresyan Leon A.Senior Researcher
Dr.Arapkina Larisa V.Scientific Secretary of Departmeht, Researcher
Dr.Artemova Diana G.Senior Researcher
Mr.Artyushkin Anatoly V.Deputy Director for General Matter of GPI
Dr.Arutyunyan Natalia R.Senior Researcher
Dr.Akhmedzhanov Ildar M.Senior Researcher
Dr.Ashkenazi Evgeny E.Scientific Secretary of Department

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