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    The GPI and Research Centers structure

Prokhorov General Physics Institute of RAS

Director: Corresponding Member of the RAS Sergei V. Garnov

GPI Management Department
Corresponding Member of the RAS Sergei V. Garnov
GPI Scientific Council
Corresponding Member of the RAS Sergei V. Garnov
Scientific Director of GPI RAS
Full Member of the RAS Ivan A. Shcherbakov
GPI Administration Subdivisions
Dissertation Councils
Research Support Subdivisions
GPI Chief Engineer's United Service
Mr. Robert E. Tobol
Rating sector
Prof. Sergey V. Demishev
GPI Pilot Production Department
Mr. Valery B. Khavaev
Wave Research Center at GPI
Dr. Mikhail L. Lyamshev
Laser Materials and Technology Research Center at GPI
Prof. Vladimir B. Tsvetkov
Natural Sciences Center at GPI
Full Member of the RAS Vitali I. Konov
Physics Instrumentation Center at GPI
Dr. Mikhail Yu. Korensky
Department of Interaction of Coherent Radiation with Matter
Prof. Igor K. Krasyuk
Diode Laser Spectroscopy Department
Dr. Jakov Ja. Ponurovsky
Department of Coherent and Nonlinear Optics
Dr. Natalia V. Vasilieva
Department of Oscillations
Corresponding Member of the RAS Sergei V. Garnov
Department of High-Power Lasers
Prof. Victor V. Apollonov
Department of Low Temperatures and Cryogenic Technology
Prof. Sergey V. Demishev
Optical Spectroscopy Department
Prof. Valery V. Smirnov
Department of Infrared Technology
Dr. Vladimir A. Yuryev
Submillimeter Spectroscopy Department
Dr. Igor E. Spektor
Plasma Physics Department
Dr. Vjacheslav A. Ivanov
Photoelectronics Department
Dr. Nikolai S. Vorobiev
Department of Ecological and Medical Problems
Prof. Eugene V. Stepanov
Theory Department
Prof. Namik G Gusein-zade
Science and Education Center
Dr. Natalia N. Bulgakova

Dr. Robert A. Zakharian

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