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    The GPI and Research Centers structure

Prokhorov General Physics Institute of RAS
    Plasma Physics Department

Head: Dr. Vjacheslav A. Ivanov
Deputy Head: Ms. Olga V. Borisova

Instrumentation Design Group
Liven Laboratory
Dr. Alexei I. Meshcheriakov
Ramys Laboratory
Prof. German M. Batanov
Laboratory of Gas-Kinetic Phenomena in Microwave Discharge
Prof. Igor A. Kossyi
Laboratory of Plasma Radiophysics
Dr. Konstantin F. Sergeichev
Plasma Electronics Laboratory
Prof. Pavel S. Strelkov
Laboratory of Plasma Processes
Dr. Vjacheslav A. Ivanov
Laboratory of Physics and Diagnostics of Hot Plasma
Dr. Stanislav E. Grebenshchikov
Laboratory of Physical and Engineering Problems
Dr. Oleg I. Fedyanin
Scientific Council on the Complex Problem "Plasma Physics"
Plasma Theory Division
Prof. Lev M. Kovrizhnykh

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