Coherent and Nonlinear Optics Department

General Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Science

E-Mail: DrOlegBShiryaev@gmail.com

Skype: DrOlegBShiryaev

Key Publications

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Education and Degrees

  • MS (Physics), Physics Department, Moscow State University, 1989

  • PhD (Laser Physics), General Physics Institute, Moscow, Russia, 1996

  • DrSci (Laser Physics), General Physics Institute, Moscow, Russia, 2008

  • Professor o the Russian Academy of Science, 2016

Research Interests

Laser physics at relativistic intensities, laser-plasma interactions in vigorously nonlinear regimes, intricacies of the electron and plasma dynamics induced by extreme fields, the complex field-plasma interplay including wave excitations and ensembles of interwoven instabilities

Miscellaneous Interests

  • Wolfram Mathematica and its sweeping applications in various areas from symbolic computing and modeling in basic research to adding a layer of digital analysis and thought experiment to workflow organization

  • Linux and the expanding realm of free software; the multiplying strategies of migration to freeware, open-source platforms, and cloud-based services

  • Big-picture studies of global trends, socioeconomic dynamics, and media; Russian literature interpretations mixing crude objectivism with occasionally freewheeling subjectivity; classical art and music

  • Weight lifting, jogging